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Leading International Education in 2024 and Beyond: Untangling Our Leadership Priorities in Complex Times

08:30 to 16:30

Today’s higher education leaders face complex issues and challenges, including rapidly evolving government priorities and policies, increased levels of external and internal scrutiny, the increasingly globalized nature of academia, technological advances, as well as the need to be both nationally and globally collaborative and competitive. As leaders, we must be operationally savvy, entrepreneurial, and able to forecast future trends and issues. This is no small feat, particularly given recent trends of significant budget reductions in higher education institutions in Canada and globally.

This full-day interactive workshop is geared toward mid-managers and new senior international leaders interested in developing strategic leadership competencies to address these and other issues facing senior international higher education leaders today.

Please note that this workshop will be facilitated in English, however questions can be asked in either official language.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop participants will have:

  • Learned about internal and external factors influencing the management of day-to-day operations in IE and feel more confident in developing strategies to engage stakeholders and respond to change.
  • Enhanced their knowledge of sound management and business practices focusing on how to apply these to the international education work context with an emphasis on the value of an integrated approach, and ethical and equity frameworks.
  • Grown their leadership capacity by developing expertise in affecting change, attracting resources, implementing quality assurance, assessment, and broad risk management mechanisms; be able to apply this knowledge to further support high quality delivery of international education programs and services.


Sonja Knutson, PhD
Director of the Internationalization Office
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Kate Jennings
Founder and Principal
Jennings International Education Leadership & Training