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CBIE2024 Conference FAQs

Conference Session Proposals

Who is part of the Proposal Review Committee?

The Proposal Review Committee is tasked with selecting the best proposals to create the annual conference program. The Committee is representative of CBIE’s membership and includes practitioners from across the country with expertise in various areas of international education.

How are proposals evaluated?

Proposals were carefully assigned to reviewers based on their experience and knowledge on the subject matter submitted. Evaluators look for innovative elements, depth of information being presented, strong learning outcomes, and how the session will contribute to knowledge building for practitioners. The evaluators ensure that accepted sessions will create a balanced and comprehensive program across various areas of practice in international education.

Why was my proposal rejected?

There are many reasons why a proposal is rejected. This year, the most common reason for proposal rejection was the high number of submissions that were received on the same topic (track) or theme, making it challenging to accommodate all within the limited session slots available. Proposals that came across as overly promotional, felt too broad in scope or did not strongly respond to the evaluation criteria received low scores and were not selected.

If my proposal was rejected for CBIE2024, should I resubmit next year?

Absolutely! Each year, CBIE takes pride in developing a robust program that focuses on evolving topics and trends impacting the international education sector. We strongly encourage you to resubmit a session proposal next year.

What if my proposal was accepted but I have to cancel?

Sometimes things come up that may force you to cancel participation in the conference — a health issue, a family emergency, etc. In such an event, please contact us at

If I cannot attend the conference, may I present via Zoom?

CBIE2024 will be hosted in person. All speakers are required to register and attend the conference in-person. In the event of special circumstances, please contact our team to discuss if an accomodation can be made for your presentation by emailing as soon as possible.

Please note that proposals which indicated the presence of a virtual speaker have been accounted for within the program.

Conference Presentations

May I substitute a different topic than the one indicated in my proposal?

Your session was evaluated and accepted on the merits of the proposal. You cannot substitute a different topic after your proposal has been accepted.

How long should my presentation be?

Sessions are one (1) hour in length. Sessions run concurrently and continuously throughout the day. Consequently, rooms must be cleared promptly at the end of the time period to allow for the next session to be prepared.

What are this year's session formats?

Concurrent sessions are offered in two formats: Learning Sessions and Campfire Sessions.

Learning sessions focus on knowledge-sharing by leaders and practitioners. They are 60-minute presentations with 15 minutes of attendee engagement. Learning sessions have a minimum of two and up to four presenters.

Campfire sessions are interactive and focus on peer-to-peer exchange. These sessions are 60-minutes and include 45 minutes of attendee engagement, and have no more than two facilitators.

What are this year's session tracks?

CBIE2024 will focus on innovation and recalibration in international education (IE), looking further into the future than ever before. This year’s theme, Beyond the Horizon, will bring the IE community together with thought-provoking dialogue to reimagine a bright future for the sector. This year’s tracks include:

  • International Relations + Partnerships
  • Internationalization at Home (Curricular + Co-curricular)
  • International Student Advising
  • Learning Abroad
  • Recruitment, Enrolment + Admissions
  • International Student Support Success
  • Virtual Learning + Exchange
  • International Education Administration

Please note that cross-cutting themes for concurrent sessions will also be noted in the program, such as:

  • Justice, Equity, Diversity + Inclusion
  • Indigenization
  • Sustainability + Climate Action
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Leadership, Governance + Strategy
  • Practitioner Career Planning and Pathways
  • Research

What makes an engaging presentation?

Presenters are encouraged to collaborate with colleagues and professionals from outside their institutions on session proposals. Where possible, presenters are encouraged to offer tools, resources or frameworks that can be shared with attendees.

Can I bring my own laptop to the session?

Personal laptops are not permitted for use during the presentation. CBIE will provide all audio-visual requirements for your session. The on-site tech team will be responsible for ensuring that all equipment is functioning, so you may focus on your presentation in a stress-free environment.

Each presentation room will have a laptop, projector, screen, clicker/slide changer, and Wi-Fi.

Are technical tests available? How do I ensure my presentation slides are properly uploaded?

A presenter from each session must check into the speaker-ready room prior to their presentation so a technician may test and upload their presentation slides. Speakers are invited to check-in 24 hours prior to their scheduled presentation; and no later than an hour prior to the start of their session. Speakers will receive additional information regarding the location and hours of operation of the speaker-ready room within the Speaker Portal.

Is Simultaneous translation available for my session?

Simultaneous translation will not be available for all sessions. Sessions will be presented in the language in which the proposal was submitted. Presenters who submitted bilingual sessions should be prepared to alternate between the verbal use of English and French, equally.

Registration & fees

As a speaker, do I need to register for the conference?

All presenters must register by August 31, 2024 and pay the applicable conference fee if they wish to proceed as presenters. Presenters who are not registered by this date may risk being removed from the final program. The discount code for speakers is located in your Speaker Portal.

Are there any discounts available to speakers?

Accepted presenters will be entitled to a $100 discount on any of the selected conference passes purchased. A discount code is provided via the Speaker Portal.